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Just done a big spend on the Passat, with freebies.

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:04 pm
by passatsel230
Being classed as self employed I get a small tax refund around April. Instead of wasting it (or god forbid saving it :hyst ) I spend it on the Passat.

I knew the suspension was tired so this time I had new shock absorbers front and back and a couple of bushes/bolts done. This led to other stuff rearing it's ugly head but a c##k up by the garage meant some items were changed FOC. (They did not really need doing as they were done less than a year ago but never mind).
Can't go into too much detail and wont name and embarrass.

The car has never been as good to drive, so smooth, part of the work I wanted was having an anti-lift kit fitted. What a difference it makes when setting off a bit sharpish, proper planted on the road.
Worth every penny.