Fitting near rear epb motor, tips after breaking new one!

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Fitting near rear epb motor, tips after breaking new one!

Post by 2008tdihighline » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:12 pm

Hello, any tips for fitting a new epb motor? I managed to snap one of the fitting points off my new one as it was tight on the new o ring. I noticed some corrosion on the recess for the o ring so the diameter was bigger but even after cleaning it up and seeing if would fit it still wouldn't slide on very well. I could not get it to sit flush so if I was to tighten it up again it would probably snap! I did try some lubrication but made little difference.

Half tempted to get a whole new caliper with a motor fitted but finding the right one and a motor with the correct socket on it seems a mine field for a late 2008. It seems to bring up the motor that has a lug on the connector!

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Re: Fitting near rear epb motor, tips after breaking new one!

Post by jasimog » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:00 pm

Key difference between the 'older' EPB motor and the 'newer' ones is that the motor drive spindle into the caliper changed from Torx to Spline, so a Torx motor will have an electrical plug without the notch, while the later spline drive has the notch. I'm assuming you have the right type of drive for your fitted caliper, otherwise it'll never fit (!)

Yes, you can solve the problem by buying a complete caliper with motor fitted, over the past couple of years I've replaced both my rear calipers with new TRW calipers/motors. When you replace the caliper the short piece of linking brake pipe does not come with it, and you have to be careful when removing it from the old caliper as it is often corroded and fragile. They are quite expensive from the dealer but can be found on eBay (e.g. here but note they are different each side.
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