1.9 tdi 2007 b6 - fault code 05522 and 00568 help.

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1.9 tdi 2007 b6 - fault code 05522 and 00568 help.

Post by justjames » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:02 am

Hi everyone,

Im trying to fix a fault on my sisters car. The vehicle has been throwing the fault code 00568 ( Turbocharger Boost Sensor (A) Circ High input ) intermitently.
Tried changing boost sensor, seemed to reduce the frequency of the problem but did not fix it.

It has more recently developed Fault code 05522 ( Altitude sensor signal/Charge air pressure sensor implausable ratio. )
After clearing code, code comes back when ignition switched on, without starting engine. as apposed to 00568 which sets when driving / accelerating.

have since tried another boost sensor just to be sure. I am thinking that its the wiring harness causing the problem but just thought I would post some info from live data / freeze frame data from my scanner and hope someone can confirm our suspicion of the wiring harness being the cause or if not offer some guidance how to find the cause.

Ignition on engine off :
Atmospheric pressure 999.60 mbar
boost pressure(actual) 867.00
mass air flow( actual ) 0.0

Engine running idle:
Atmospheric pressure : 999.60
Boost pressure (actual) 999.60
Mass air flow(actual) 235.0

Some freeze frame data ( As my scanner displayed it )
Fault Status 01
Fault Priority 0
Fault Frequency 03
RPM 0/min
Pressure 254.mbar
Pressure -226mbar
switch position 00011010
Absolute Pressure 999.60mbar
Absolute Pressure 148.60mbar
Timing angle 4.0 ATDC

ECU INFO ( I have included this as I thought someone might be able to tell me if it is up to date or been remapped? )
VAG NUMBER 03g906021lr
component R41,9LEDCG000SG9248
soft coding 0000071
WSC 000000
IMP 0256
Device 0001574

Thanks in advance. I can post more live data if required.

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Re: 1.9 tdi 2007 b6 - fault code 05522 and 00568 help.

Post by DMitch16 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:53 pm

Have you checked all ground cable connections as a bad ground may cause boost sensor (MAP) faults? Also monitor the MAF sensor readings using measuring blocks to ensure that is working fine. Also check all looms around the engine to ensure none are damaged or contacting hot surfaces as a loom short can occasionally throw up Red Herring faults which are nothing to do with the actial problem. Check all fuses too. Finally if it is a wiring fault get an auto electrician to test the looms if you are unable to do this yourself.
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