Rust on doors '06

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Rust on doors '06

Postby leizureman » Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:24 pm

It all started when i was touching up the edges of the doors, where the paint often chips off. I found that at the bottom edges, the paint was peeling off, and i could see the metal, not the layer of primer og zinc. I thought this curious and decided to check rest of the edge. It followed the outer edges..

Anyway, i removed the plastic protection at the bottom and cleaned thoroughly underneath and coated some areas where the plastic had rubbed at the paint. Anyway, i treated the area on the outer edge, sanded it and put primer on and painted it. I couldn't reach the inner end though, as it's kinda tricky to reach.

Took it to the dealer and they took some pictures and shook their head, saying they'd never heard of this before. Well, that was in october 2011. Nothing yet. However, i was cleaning the car the other day, and i noticed a grey bubble (car's pearl black) and suddenly the bubble flew off, and there was plain metal, just like the edges were. I searched the door for more spots, and they're everywhere!!! There is rust all over the doors, on both sides. It's still just small bubbles, but i can't believe it! It also seems to be on the wheelarches too..

Anyone heard of this before? It's got a very nice paint coat, that's been treated very nicely by everyone. It has gone 68000km about.

TLDR: Rust on the doors, looks like paint and zinc is slipping.
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