Smoking and lumpy idle

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Smoking and lumpy idle

Post by GreggyC » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:40 pm

Hi guys, bit of a background. Missus overfilled with oil causing a runaway. Long story short thought engine was dead but ended up getting it running again.

One thing I noticed was the amount of (mostly white) smoke from the exhaust while driving after a couple of minutes. Took it to the garage to check it over. They said the turbo was fine, no play and boost pressure was good, engine seemed good, and the smoke was likely just some oil that had gotten into the exhaust or something and it would burn off after a good run.

Sure enough for the most part the smoke went away. But I still get quite a bit for the first few minutes of driving every time I take it on the road. Seems to be after it's warmed up, I can reliably reproduce the issue if I idle down a hill for a few seconds, then put my foot down, I'll get a good bit of smoke from the back. This clears up after 15 minutes of driving, but I'm very aware of the smell of oil when I'm sitting in lights or at a junction. The car smells like an old bus.

The other issue I've got is after about a minute of driving the car will shake more than I'm comfortable with when I'm idling.

When I'm driving the car it's sounds off, like cylinder misfire or something. Sounds pretty rough, bit tappety

I guess my question is, is the lumpy idle/misfire related to the smoking? And where should I begin diagnosing this? I have a cable and vcds software on my laptop but I've never really used it much so wouldn't know where to start with that.

I did check the car with an OBD2 adapter a while back but the only issue there was the p2015 error code, which I believe is related to the intake manifold motor retracting too far back, but I'm aware odb2 checks barely anything compared to vcds, and I don't think that has anything to do with the smoke and shaking.

Looking online for the lumpy idle problems and smoking, I was wondering if this could be an issue with the egr valve? But I don't want to replace this if there are other things I should be checking first.

Apologies for the long rambling post lol

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