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Coil Spring (Front)

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:07 pm
by barrya1
Hi Guys, Sorry if a silly post My front coil springs have gone and i need to replace but confused to the type... VW Passat Sport B7 Estate (3C, 36) 2.0 TDI B-motion (125 KW / 170 HP) Registration DF11CWY Variannt ACCFGVBXO Version: FM6FM62Q031STP07MGSNVRVR20

I have gone onto some sites who state i need sports springs gut on europarts they say i don't. i am on a budget so need to egt the right ones can someone please help ... these are recomended .. ... 5d2&000073

if they are fine then great ut do i need sports suspension ??? i phoned VW they wouldnt / couldnt state

Are there part numbers on the coil spring so if i take off i will see but don't want to risk as i will be without a car and with the kids will be a nightmare. I need 2 front springs.

thanks in advance barry