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Seized bolts on track rod ends.

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:21 pm
by alpenweiss2
The track rod ends on our 1999 1.9tdi Wagon have started to knock so I have bought a pair of German supplied HD 4 yr guarantee off Ebay. I did not realise that the kit did not contain new pinch bolts and nuts. Anyway after soaking the nuts on the track rod end with Plus gas type oil for several days, I tried the other day to remove the track rod ends following the instructions in the Haynes manual. Came to undo the pinch bolt on the control arm that holds the balljoint spindle in place and the nut came undone okay. Wound it to the end of the thread and tried tapping the pinch bolt out with a hammer. It is stuck fast! Tried more plus gas and tried a bigger hammer. Still won't budge?? I gave up after a while as the kit I ordered did not have new bolts and nuts. I am sure I will really damage the old bolt and nuts trying to get them out?

Any advice? I am over in France and our nearest VW dealer is many, many miles away. Are these bolts available from the dealer? Anyone got the part number or nut size? How the hell do you get them out? It is like they are welded in?