Climate control nightmare

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Climate control nightmare

Post by Dakota1936 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:13 pm

I own a 1999 tdi estate, from the first day i got it the climate control will flash for several seconds when car first started. Then the heater fan packed up, did diagnosis and the code came up with faulty fan. Bought new heater motor blower resistor from eurocarparts. Fitted, and still nothing. Took fan out and tested it, runs fine. Put it all back and fitted secondhand dash comtrol unit but it was a later unit. But it all worked fine. All along there has beena fizzing noise from behind the dash by the steering wheel. Thinking it was fixed i Came out the is morning back to square one, doesn't work. Went and got another relay to replace the burnt one and still nothing. Correct control unit now ordered from ebay. Am pulling my hair out with this......

Does the fan only work when the air con fan is working? Checked all fuses and ok....

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