2001 2.0l Petrol Auto Transmission Problem

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2001 2.0l Petrol Auto Transmission Problem

Post by Tropheus » Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:20 pm


I've noticed over the past few months that my father-in-laws 2001 2.0l Petrol (AZM) auto slips in higher gears and give intermittent lumpy gear changes.

This only tends to happen when the car has been driven for an hour or so. It's fine on shorter journeys. However, for the first time the CEL came on.

It has covered 130k miles and had a transmission oil and filter change at 100k miles.

I scanned with VCDS and get the following:

CDS-Lite Version: Release 1.2
Sunday, 01 July 2018, 16:56:40:54222
Control Module Part Number: 06B 906 033 AA
Component and/or Version: 2.0l/2V SIMOS32 00AT4002
Software Coding: 00063
Work Shop Code: WSC 00028
Additional Info: WVWZZZ3BZ2P017435 VWZ7Z0A3626906
2 Faults Found:
16885 - Vehicle Speed Sensor: Implausible Signal
P0501 - 35-00 - -
18032 - MIL Request Signal Active (Check TCM for errors too!)
P1624 - 35-00 - -

VCDS-Lite Version: Release 1.2
Sunday, 01 July 2018, 16:58:47:54222
Control Module Part Number: 01N 927 733 EQ
Component and/or Version: AG4 Getriebe 01N 4843
Software Coding: 00000
Work Shop Code: WSC 00000
VCID: 847B5CDD8703
1 Fault Found:
01192 - Torque Converter Lock-Up Clutch
04-00 - Mechanical Malfunction

The speed sensor code has been there for a couple of years. Wasn't sure what it was, but the car was driving fine. Further investigation shows that it's a speed sensor for the gear box. New one ordered and will fit during the week.

The second code just refers to a code on the gear box. Has anyone else seen code 01192 previously? I'm wondering if it's a symptom of a bad speed sensor? If the gearbox control module doesn't know what speed the car is doing then I presume that will cause problems.

Hoping I can get out of it cheaply, but I know from experience that auto gearbox problems usually have a very detremental impact of your financial welfare!

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