after market seat loom

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after market seat loom

Post by bobfish45 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:22 pm

Further to my recent question about fitting an after market heated/electric seat loom, I have completed the job, and if anyone else is contemplating doing the job, with the instructions it is quite simple.
The seats in question were from an Audi A6, half leather, heated and electric operation.
Switches were standard Passat and the electric connectors off the original doner car were soldered to the new loom. The airbag coupling off my own car seat had to be used because the a6 one was different.
Switch terminals are numbered so that end was easy, under the dash just 2 connections then a matter of threading the loom under the carpet and connecting up to the seats, end result, warm bum and really comfy seats. My Passat seats were ok and were heated but I always knew I wanted electric seats so never connected them and there's much more padding in the Audi seats. So if anyone wants my Passat half leather heated front seats with tv screens give me a pm.
Anyone fancying the same mod, I'll be glad to pass on any information I've gleaned from doing this job, cheers, Rod.

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