2002 B5.5 G180 Crash Sensor Someone Shoot me now

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2002 B5.5 G180 Crash Sensor Someone Shoot me now

Postby GavMc P11GT » Fri May 17, 2013 10:25 am

Hi folks

I'm at a dead end with this one I've had a g180 fault on my passat initially after researching on the forums I thought dodgy sensor so got 3 from the scrap yard tried all three and the fault still remains. I've tried to clear it each time using the little computer and each time on the 3 sensors I got from the breakers the light never go's out

Back to the origional sensor

When I clear the fault with the original sensor fitted the light go's out for a few mins then comes back on!

Following more forum searches I pulled the carpets up center consul out and checked the harness found two rusty eart wires and a dodgy earth joint the dodgy earth joint was in the airbag module loom and the two rust earth points were the convienence module and the airbag harness coming from the main module to the passenger door frame so I sorted all those out soldered all the joints cleaned all the surfaces on the earth points fitted the original sensor again cleared the fault and the light went off put the car back together last night it stopped off

Got up to go to work this morning started the car

Guess what


Wait for it


if anyone heard a loud scream in the northeast this morning around 6:45 it was me!!!!

Any ideas on this would be massively appreciated matches and petrol are not an option petrol is too dear lol
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