Door ajar dash display

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Door ajar dash display

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Hi all, I joined the forum back in February for info as I’m installing a AWX engine in my 1972 Mk1 Ford Transit, I’m still doing that project in between many others but this brings me onto my point of this post.

I bought a 05 wagon with AWX engine to use as a family daily runaround and it had a one or two gremlins that I’ve been working through. One being I’ve had to replace both rear door lock assemblies (drivers rear was missing altogether where someone else had been in there faffing around before me) I had a good secondhand one come with the car for the left rear door which works fine and I bought one of the £25 jobbies from eBay, I’ve fitted it and have noticed that the door ajar display on the dash doesn’t show that door open when it is, neither do the interior courtesy lights illuminate when that door is open but the puddle light at the bottom of the door card on that door does illuminate when the door is open, it also locks and unlocks with the central locking but very sporadically doesn’t lock/unlock with the central locking on that door. If I toggle the lock/unlock button on the drivers door while the right rear door is open the door ajar display on the dash briefly shows that door as open. Occasionally the interior courtesy lights will come on briefly and the off again while driving the car. I’ve changed the loom in that door from a spare scrap door as the original loom had broken wires and I tested each wire on the replacement loom for continuity and all checks out ok, I’ve plugged and unplugged the connectors at the B post and given them a spray on the contacts but I’m at a bit of a loss now other than plugging the car into diagnostics which I don’t have access too I wondered on the off chance if any of you fine people on here had any other pointers I could try please? The only other thing I’ve done on that door aside from what I’ve already mentioned is change the control box on the window motor as the window didn’t go up or down at all but does now albeit it works intermittently from the switch on the drivers door as does the left rear window as well. The central locking works as it should as far as I’m aware (it locks/unlocks from the remote and indicators blink only on unlock). Any other pointers would be great please.

Many thanks in advance

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