Boot Release Weirdness

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Boot Release Weirdness

Post by jerryfudd » Mon Feb 22, 2021 6:01 pm

Ok, following on from my 'Alarm Woes' viewtopic.php?f=8&t=97942 I think my problem is more related to some odd boot release behaviour so wanted to concentrate on that. I think the alarm is doing what its meant to do and the boot is causing it to freak out.

In short, it's not water ingress but this is what I'm seeing....

When I'm unlocking the car via the fob, no matter whether if the boot is set to central locking or manual release aswell as a side effect of the car unlocking the boot release pops - as if triggered by the fob or drivers switch from previous expirience.

Next, with the car unlocked when I open and shut the boot - again, no matter if it is set to central locking or manual the boot handle release doesn't do anything at all (I understand the latter is correct operation). Likewise, the boot release on the fob or the drivers side boot release switch also do nothing. Basically if you want the boot open you need to lock and unlock the car and then it will mysteriously pop itself open?!

I've taken off the inner boot panel and all looks fine and whilst turning the key I can see the barrel depressing and releasing the micro switch determining central locking control - not that I know the micro switch is sending the correct signal.

I've also used a screw driver to imitate the boot release latching and can easily see the actuator releasing it when using the described above funky method

At the moment edging towards the latch being at fault, only because I can see the actuator triggering. I'm also making the assumption that the 'luggage compartment open' sensor is located within that unit? still have no clues on why the boot release handle, boot pop on the fob or the drivers boot pop switch all do nothing.

Any thoughts before I just replace the latch to atleast rule it out? model is a 2004 B5.5 estate if it makes a difference.

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