VR6 1995 estate

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VR6 1995 estate

Post by vdubgirl » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:06 pm

Can anybody in the forum please tell me if they have any idea what my 1995 VR6 estate in burgandy might be worth. It is 100% original, and a runner, but it is an English car on French plates that is now back in the UK. I know that she needs a front wheel bearing and a few other minor bits and bobs for an MOT. I bought new lights when i moved to France 8 years ago, but still have the original English lights. I have owned her for 15 years and love her! I can put some pics on if it would help with the valuation, as i have no idea what she is worth, but i know she's rare! Look forward to hearing from you soon as a new member!

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Re: VR6 1995 estate

Post by fonzooorooo » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:28 pm

Welcome along!
It's a bit quiet on here these days. There're a few of us that keep coming back to check in though.

As for value, it's down to condition really... They don't come up for sale often, so they're hard to gauge. I feel like I remember the last one going for about £1.5K - No guarantees though!
Pictures would help.

You'll get the best price if it's got a fresh MOT and it's nice and shiny right at the start of show season.
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