New B3 owner - tdi'd '89 wagon. 5 years on...

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New B3 owner - tdi'd '89 wagon. 5 years on...

Post by Zed. » Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:46 am

\m/ okey, I'm now a B3 owner, just arrived home after an amusing drive from Cheltenham with a few (5!!) rest breaks to allow the engine to cool & re-fill witth water :-P

I've now taken the reins on Mike's (Monkeytennis) B3 Wagon, Big Red.
the car was advertised with engine issues so being a masochist & up for a challenge pm's & email's were sent...
after a week or so the day was arranged & off on a roadtrip we (myself & my neighbour Pete) went, 120 miles for what I hoped would be an interesting project :D

now, I must explain, in the 'Shead-of-dread' I have some hoarding's, in the yard (at my father's place) I have a few cars,
my '95 T4 with a 1Z tdi conversion - work in progresss...
an '84 1.3 cl 4 door mk2 golf project
2 mk3 golf tdi's, 1 being my father's roadcar but as he's unwell it might become a donor :twisted: & the other a breaker / donor for the '84 mk2 B-)
'99 b5 tdi sport esstate, was my roadie but its a nail so doomer, may be my fathers daily if he starts driving :???:
'65 mg midget that I had as a toy a few years ago, fitted then with a vauxhall xe :twisted: (now cultivating plant growth :sad:
1978 Vauxhall Chevette HS rallycar (in loads of bits, sorta spread round like a mad-womans-poo :hyst )
and sometimes, my daily mk2 golf gl converted to AAZ td from an old b4 estate of mine.

so as you can see, I have some junk around :D

Anyway , back to the roadtrip,
I armed myself with a few tools, some water (25litre drum for 'just-in-case' some water-hoses (& a waterpump) & lastly, a bottle of "STEEL-SEEL' then hit the road....

sunday traffic & bad timing resulted in a presumed 2 hour ecoming 3 hours to travel the 120 ish miles & eventually we arrived at Cheltenham B-)

Mike's hospitality was great, fresh coffee & banter then a look at the B3, after about 10 mins I decided nto try the steel-seal with its 1 hour 'tick-over' running period...

after probably 55 mins we spotted coolant dripping from the waterpump area so decided to change the offending item :-P

BALLS! :shock:

the alternator mount (cast iron thinggy) must have been the first thing bolted to the cylinder block aat the factory, how the bloody-hell are you supposed to access the top bolts?
the top right is unbelieveable, think taking the injection-pump off is the way :-s


anyway, lots of swearing in various languages laterr & using (in desperation) an open-ended 13mm spanner as a 'tee-bar'sorta thing the bolts were removed :-
new /old pump fitted & re assembly done (someone- me) said it'd only take an hour :-o

2 hours later...

run it up, felt good, paid for the car & took a leap-of-faith for 120 mile home trip :-bd

well, all was well, thought it was fixed.......

till getting on to the m4 (maybe 40 miles later??)

temp guage risess, warning lamp lit & heater running cold. :((

BALLS. :sad:

the 'buggerit' mentality was brought out to play then :twisted:

so after a few miles dashboard disco, the severn bridge& its toll booth's was in sight :neutral:

toll paid then a few more disco-miles to Magor services for food, cool-down & water top-up B-)

Bloody waterpump is leaking :evil:

right, so now I know theres atleast 1 problem not fixed....

water, 20 miles & another stop because of disco....

getting bored of this now.decided to investigate the front / foreward face of the engine's radiator for a carrier-bag or some other blockage that could cause such overheating....

buggerit, again buggerit. no easy fix, the front of the rad is plastered with mud, grime, grease, maybe even roadtar but whatever it is it dont want to come off easily in a motorway services carpark :roll:

so now I know the reason I can drive gently (50-60 mph in 5th gear without much overheating ish BUT not able to go slow as theres absolutely no cooling air getting to the radiator :cry:

so armed with the 'Kill-or-cure" attitude off we went again, poor Pete following dutifully in his Mtdi'd T4 when I'm sure he could have been doing something more interesting like watching the rugby maybe???? (ok, so maybe going with me to get aa B3 was vastly more impressive & interesting than watching the game :D )

eventually, 10 hours & 240 ish mile round-trip later I'm home recovering, now a B3 owner with a little project involving a radiator before looking at the engine & its water-system, but thats for another days play, all I can say is thanks Mike for the car & putting up with us, and also thanks to my mate & next-door neighbour, Pete for riding shotgun & missing the rugby, well, if it could have been called that :sad:
how to spend a sunday :-bd

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