Trying to locate B4 ABS parts from a TEVES 20 car

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Trying to locate B4 ABS parts from a TEVES 20 car

Post by BPGomes » Tue Nov 10, 2020 9:42 pm

Hi. I need source the following parts from a TEVES 20 car, not the TEVES 02 version.
  • ABS bracket - the one which holds the ABS pump and ABS ECU in one assembly
  • ABS Engline bay loom - if possible in its entirety so I can replace my existing damaged ABS loom
This is what the TEVES 02 version looks like. ... ulic_unit/

This is what the TEVES 20 one looks like -- similar to a Golf MK3. ... ulic_unit/

Why arent I looking for a MK3 replacment part? Its not the ABS, but the harness. the B4 harness is quite different to a Golf MK3.
Or if anybody knows anybody who might have a car being broken with TEVES 20 ABS, please let me know. My front engine mount snapped, the VR6 swung backwards and smashed into the ABS pump and harness - destroying both =(( . So whilst not urgent, needs TLC.


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