Simon is well known in the trade and has been involved with ukpassats from the start , many members have had there cars remapped by him and you can get honest advice about your car .
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CCC Technology provides products and services that allow you to enhance your vehicles performance in a safe and effective way. We strive to provide only genuinely affordable and reliable products.
Performance Tuning

Please use the menus to navigate the site and find the products and services that you require. If you are looking for a specific product or service and cannot find it, then please contact us with further details of what you require.


Chip Tuning/ReMapping

CCC Technology is proud to be a distributor for - The Chiptuning Company. This technology enables you to release your vehicles hidden power in an easy, effective, and reliable way. We supply and install tuning chips/software for many makes and fuel types of vehicle. Within hours you can increase the power and the torque of your vehicle by up to 50%. But that's not all, you can also achieve economy gains of up to 20%.

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Question Answer
Do you have a solution for my car? If your car is not in the list you should contact us to see if there is currently a solution for your car.

How long does it take? It usually takes less than a day and can take as little as 2 hours.
Will my insurance be affected? Each insurance company has a different policy regarding vehicles that have been modified. Premiums with some companies remain unaltered, some will increase the premium, some may refuse to cover you. In all cases it is better to let them know. It is important that you check you can still be insured BEFORE you have any work carried out.

What about my warranty? Warranties can be affected by any modification. Please contact us for further information on this topic.

What about emissions? Emissions will be the same or less for a similar style of driving.

Will it damage my car? No. Your vehicle's mechanical tolerances will not be exceeded.

If I'm not happy can the process be reversed? Yes. If you experience problems that cannot be rectified, then the process can be reversed. We operate a 30 day money back customer satisfaction guarantee.

My question is not answered in the list above. What should I do? Please contact us to enable us to help you further.



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