Tyre sizes

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Tyre sizes

Post by Unclemoom » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:56 pm

I want to slam my b2 on 15x5.5 wheels and want some low profile tyres for clearemce etc but I'm not really sure what tyres to go for. Can anyone offer any advice. I love the look of Richard skinners Santana and fancy the same king of look tyre wise. Please help.


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Re: Tyre sizes

Post by Macoli » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:04 pm

185/55r15 will have a similar rolling radius to the standard tyres, so will keep the speedo and odometer roughly ok. There are tyre size calculators that will compute the accuracy of the speedometer from comparison of the standard tyre to the modified size. For example, a B2 Passat will have a factory fitted size of "165r13" which translates to "165mm tread width with a nominal sidewall height of 135mm (82% of 165* - see below) on a rim size of 13 inches", so thus a 185/70r13 has a sidewall height of 129.5mm which equates to roughly the same rolling radius, as fiited to the GL5s, and is a similar rolling radius to a 185/55r15.

* The first radial tyres replaced crossplies, which were measured in inches for width as well as rim fitment; somehow, it was worked out that for the same tread width of a crossply tyre a radial tyre had to have a sidewall equalling 82% of the width in millimetres of the tyre. Not long after this was standardised, it was found that increasing the width of the tyre whilst maintaining the sidewall height also increased grip: so thus the low profile tyre was born. In a 185/55 tyre, the "55" refers to the sidewall height as a percentage of the width.

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Re: Tyre sizes

Post by hengkhmer » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:34 pm

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