B5.5 ... The END

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B5.5 ... The END

Post by ct.p » Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:54 pm

Edit again 07/05/16.

As there is quite a lot of information in this thread that some people may find useful, I've added an index right here. Some may find this useful while for others it will make them run a mile.

Page 1 - Intro of old car bought in 2007 and dicsussion
Page 1 - DIY wheel refurb
Page 1 - Upper arm pinch bolt info
Page 1 - CV joint info
Page 1 - Heated laether seat burn through
Page 1 - Ambient red LED interior lighting

Page 2 - General chit chat about trailers !
Page 2 - Meyle HD front arm swap
Page 2 - Suspension chit chat; Eibach and Bilstein B4's
Page 2 - Brake caliper carrier bracket wear
Page 2 - Early vs Later B5.5 cambelt tensioner setups, damper vs friction type
Page 2 - More suspension chit chat
Page 2 - Brake calipers

Page 3 - Rear suspension beam removal
Page 3 - Rear suspension beam refurb
Page 3 - Removal of arch liners and side skirts for rust inspection
Page 3 - Very minor surface rust repairs

Page 4 - Rear suspension re-assembly
Page 4 - Driveshaft refurb
Page 4 - Front wing removal and rust proofing

Page 5 - Front wing rust proofing contd
Page 5 - Straightening of silll jacking points, rust protection
Page 5 - Driveshaft removal (detailed)
Page 5 - Driveshaft refurb (detailed)
Page 5 - Ride height setting for lowered front suspension
Page 5 - More rust proofing
Page 5 - Assembly of parts for cambelt change

Page 6 - Cambelt change (very detailed)
Page 6 - Aux belts change (detailed) including tensioner and fan bearing
Page 6 - Alternator pulley change
Page 6 - Rusty radiator change (again, 2nd rad I've fitted to this car!)
Page 6 - Boost hoses and pipes; refurb

Page 7 - Dashboard removal for heater matrix change!

Page 8 - Heater matrix change, heater box dismantling and cleaning
Page 8 - Improved boost hose clamps
Page 8 - Aircon system - New condensor and receiver drier fitting and re-gas

Page 9 - General chit chat and my garden

Page 10 - General chit chat about gauges

Page 11 - Door lock chit chat
Page 11 - Finding a coolant leak

Page 12 - VCDS health check
Page 12 - Door lock change
Page 12 - Coolant leak, rear flange; fix

Page 13 - Coolant leak, rear flange; fix cont'd
Page 13 - The Wifes MK4 Golf rear suspenion refresh

Page 14 - MK4 Golf brake pipes, wheel bearings and front subframe

Page 15 - MK4 Golf suspension

Page 16 - General chit chat and wheels for sale

Page 17 - Another coolant leak but where from?

Page 18 - A good clean and polish and 2nd cambelt change in six months to locate coolant leak

Page 19 - Leak found thermostat housing!, completion of cam belt change.

Page 20 - Headlights, batteries.

[edit] Feb 2016.... This thread has been lurking about for years with me doing very little to the car(s) except use and service them.

As I have no plans on getting rid of the car I'm undertaking a mini-restoration, catching things before they get bad...

The restoration starts halfway down page 2

Edit 17/02/13, this is quite an old thread!
First posts are for my old 5.5 which I owned between 2007 and 2009. It was an 02 AWX'd SE.
New post further down is my current 04 Highline, again another AWX engined car, in fact this is my 3rd as I had an Audi A6 with the same.

My humble and very very ordinary 5.5 Estate.

I said to myself, "Not this time, not with this car."

So far I have resisted for the 18 months I've owned with the exception of fitting cruise, the gauges (that were in my old MK4 Golf) and the sound system (which was also in the Golf).

17/02/13... Photos lost that were here.

All in all a very boring car, it is crying out to have a set of 18's and be slammed at least 50mm and some colour coded being done. But I must resist, must resist.

Faults I've had;

The obligatory window mechanism failure.
The obligatory rear wiper motor failure.

But otherwise ok for 136k
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