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Leak - water in front passenger footwell

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 1:00 pm
by Matt H
Hi everyone,

I bought a 2015 2.0 S Bluemotion Passat Estate from Car Giant last month and so far have been delighted with it.

Then last week I noticed the front passenger footwell carpet was sodden - soaking wet - appeared to be water, The wetness had also gone into the back passenger footwell.

After a bit of online research, I took the car in to my local VW independent who flushed and cleared the drains underneath the battery - although he said there wasn't much evidence of blockage.

I've had a good look today and noticed a little rectangle of carpet underneath the seat had previously been cut - I guess as this leak / water had also occurred with the previous owner and someone had tried to investigate.

Under the carpet and sound insulation foam there is standing water. I rang Peter Cooper - the main VW dealer in Southampton - who said it wasn't an issue either they or VW were aware of and they'd need the car for three days to get it checked - without a clear price. Obviously this is potentially damaging and could cause some fairly nasty electrical problems as well as the car basically rotting from the inside.

Has anyone had this on the current Passat model and does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance , Matt in Lymington, Hampshire