We got a black 2003 Passat TDI 96KW 4Motion

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We got a black 2003 Passat TDI 96KW 4Motion

Post by kaneelschep » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:48 am

Hi all.

Next to our Silver 2001 Audi A4 Avant 85KW TDI, we just got A black 2003 Passat TDI 96KW 4Motion!
The audi did 447000Kms. Of which we did about 70000 without big issues. But it started pushing out the coolant with the compression.
Typical AJM issue. It leaked at the third cilinder. While this was being fixed, we needed something else.
I could borrow a car from a friend. An '89 250D mercedes automatic. The one without turbo..
Nice car, But slow as balls and drank like a sailor on leave. Still did about 5000 slow kms in it.

We checked out a lot of cars. Mostly sharan types cause of the children. But gave up cause they all rust and/or were used as builder vans.
But also cause every car seller here in Hungary is a liar or an idiot.. I know this is quite universal ;) But being dutch, this is worse than I was used to in Holland. Private owners are mostly ok there.
People in Hungary just don't maintain or fix cars properly.
They (ab)use them till they rot apart, and then still think its the holy grail..

Anyway. :P
Then we found this Passat from the first half decent seller we met.
Recent private Italian import. 260000km. new belts. Service books. black leather heated sport seats without the rubbing the side with your ass, holes.
Lots of maintenance. Extra set wintertires. All the options just work. And except a few things it is quite a good car.
So since we needed a second car for my wife anyway. We live in small village and she needs to be able to move with the small children.
We got it.
Also the winters can be quite cold and snowy here, making the 4motion a big plus.
The passat came at a good time and its a world of difference in road stability.
The audi is a bit tailhappy and I had to save it on quite some ocassions.

As I said. It came with some things. The previous owner was just in over his head. He bought a car too expensive for his budget.
He tried to put money in it and actually did the right kind of maintenance. But just didnt have any more to fix the last and maybe coming issues.
He actually informed me of most of these.
a broken oil sensor. Rear door locks that probably have some broken switches. It doesnt recognize an open door and autolocks again.
Rear brake pads are at end. Engine mounts are gone. It could probably use a new glowplug or 2.
And the ashtray assembly is loose.
Thats the least problems i ever bought a car with ;)
Already changed the sensor. wasnt prepared for all the oil to fall out in once. Thought I could slowly squeeze it a bit with the sensor. But no.. :)
I caught most of it nonetheless. :P
Brakes and mounts are bought and awaiting free time.

So we are all happy. She just eats a bit more than the Audi. But ey.. The 4wheel drive makes up for that. Dont know exact figures. But the audi does 6 liter in city traffic whatever I do. About 5l on highway. Passat did 7l with 130km/h. 5,5 at 100.

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