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CCM Central Locking Wiring Fix B5 or B5.5

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:47 pm
by BIG F@ TW@
My B5 developed the dreaded central locking gremlin, just stopped working on me. Checked fuses etc, so knew the next place to look was wiring under passenger front carpet. I'd done a few repairs under there previously so had an idea this was where my issue was.

Sure enough upon lifting the carpet I could see a broken joint where 4 wires were joined up to 2 (red/blue wires):

I stripped out the rotten cloth tape, this was the cause of moisture eating away at the joints, and some water leakage in the past.

So I got to work ready to solder the joint, however the wires were very sticky and crusty, and my soldering skills are amateur, so I decided to make a semi permanent repair.

I used a stripped down choc block and some heatshrink..

Once attached and screwed down tight I snipped the screw heads off, this helped the heat shrink tubing slide over better.

I had a good dig around and found a couple more broken joints, and did the same fix to them too. They were that rotten the joints literally crumbled green oxidised mush...

All fixed now and central locking sorted, this also fixed my passenger front door which wasn't locking our unlocking :-)