B5 rear lights on b5.5 (estate only)

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B5 rear lights on b5.5 (estate only)

Post by mini_dub » Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:10 pm

Ok I have had quite a few questions regarding the fitting of b5 all rear red lights to replace the nasty Vw Lexus style rear light on the b5:5
This only works on the estate as the saloon has different rear quarter panels so the earlier lights wont fit
As mine are already fitted I will leave some of it up to other members who are about to do this mod to add the bits I carnt show you

Ok so first up you need to get some b5 rear lights, now like everything there is hundreds about on eBay and on here so have a good dig about! There is also two types of lights one type fitted to the 4wd b5 these are fully red with a factory red tinted reverse light 2wd lights have a white reverse light which can be tinted if required! The 4wd lights IMO look better but are harder to get hold of
I previously had 2wd lights which I paid £10 each for and recently brought some 4wd ones for £30 for a pair so the prices arnt too far apart

Before you fit the lights you need to rewire the plug on your b5.5 as the light set up if different between the models
I used a hair clip to remove the connectors out of the plug to swap them around its very fidderly and requires patience you need to re wire your plugs like this
Colours are starting closest to the body

Colours are starting closest to the body

Ok so that's as far as I can take this but you will need to file some of the back of the lights away to get them fitted flush and also use a large washer to clamp the body on one mounting

Hopfully other memebers can add pictures for this to complete the how to

Hope this helps
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