W8 334mm brake upgrade (b5.5 non w8)

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W8 334mm brake upgrade (b5.5 non w8)

Post by mini_dub » Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:49 pm

x_x right as snow has stopped any further progess on this i thought i would make a start on part 1 of the how to

this is basicly just going to be what part ect you need blar blar but remeber this set up isnt fitted yet so there is no garentee it will work :0

first up you need some calipers and carriers These were a factory option for the w8 with the sport package and 17" wheels which i think all europe spec cars had, the 334mm set up wasnt an option for us spec cars
you looking of a 2fn caliper which is a twin pot sliding caliper as aposed to a single pot on the ATE cailpers (non w8 cars) iam under the impression the calipers are the same as early s4 but iam not 100% weather the carriers will support 334mm discs. the 2fn calipers have 2 pads per calipers where there is another caliper type which has 4 pads per caliper and i beleve is for the smaller braked w8's
now the w8 has a wider mounts on the carriers (where they bolt to the leg, so they wont bolt to the non w8 legs
which you can just about see here
non w8:
to get this to work you need either 1 of 2 things
#1 custom made adaptors: i had a brief look into this and tbh it seems harder work and will require some very good machineing
#2 which is to change the steel legs to alloy w8 ones! when i had a look there were 2 sets on ebay but with most things related to the w8 they were insainly expensive and the sellers seemed to think they had something special as they would take a penny less than the asking price, so i ended up using 2005 2.5 tdi A6 c5 legs which are pritty much the same as the w8 ones but minus the w8 tax i picked a pair up for £85
the Audi legs require you to have 20mm lower balljoints so this set up is unsutible for some b5s and 5.5s unless you change the lower arms to the larger balljoint size from 16mm (if this is even possible)
other than that the audi items are a direct replacment for the steel ones including the cv joints ect
next up are discs
so with running such large discs the price is also quite large and again you run into the problem of W8 tax from vw altho there is a few options to use
#1 Vw dealer W8 discs retail at about 200+VAT each and according to my local dealer also come with a 1 week delivery time L-)
next up is to run a custom 2 piece discs from a company called godspeed they will make you a custom bell (discs center) which works with a 2 piece disc the cost of this from what i can make out is about 500-600 but will reduce to around 300-400 for discs when they need changing
the set up i brought came with this set up but its still not a direct bolt up kit with part of the outer pad needing some filling as it hits the bell and even though they look amazing its still a massive price to pay for discs for a car that will never see the track
ok so the route i went which was atually found by karl (desertstorm) http://www.w8forum.dk/forum_posts.asp?T ... eplacement is to use a single piece discs from mercedes which was fitted to the 99-02 r129 SL320/500/600 Part NO:A1294212312 which was fitted with the sport upgrade 334mm drilled discs
seen on the left
they are nearly an exact match
Dia 334mm 334mm
hub dia 68mm 67mm
depth 52mm 51.6mm
bolt size m14 m12
pdc 5x112 5x112

so as you can see they are about as close to being the same as possible without them being the same (not sure that makes sense)
i ended up buyint the discs direct from mercedes as i wanted to make sure i got the optional drilled discs which no other company offered or were willing to help found out if they did offer
i was plesantly sureprised that the discs cam in at £160 for the pair
as you can see the sizes above there is a small amount of machining required to get these discs to fit you need the bolt holes drilling out to 9/16" which is a clearance hole for the vw m14 wheel bolts and you also need the center opening up by 1mm the above coast me £25 by a local machine shop
as you can see this set up is by far the cheapest option :-bd
ok pads for this set up seem to be readily availble from stock material right up to track pads (i expect this is due to the s4 usign the same caliper)
i went for EBC red stuffs which i have used before and higly rate they came in at £99 ~x( for the set
but stock materials are cheaper and availible on ebay ect

ok so thats about it for parts other things which maybe required are
Carrier to hub high tensile bolts M14x1,5 x 35mm lengh
you also made need to make new hard lines for the calipers

hopfully you will end up with somthing like this

ok with using the Audi A6 legs these were never designed to run 334mm discs so there is a small clearance issue on the lower part of the leg the 2 ridgest below the hub
this baicly just need grinding clear of the disc remeber not to use a steel grinding disc as it will just block with alloy i just used a 60grit flap disc
I have read there is some differences with the pad wear sensors and abs sensors
I have new pad sensors as they are not part of the pad on this set up but haven't brought abs sensors as iam hoping they will match as I believe some wiring is required to use the audi one
Both sensor types are available on eBay but I will post what's required when I fit the set up
part 2 will be done when i fit them and hope its all works x_x
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