How to raise engine so it sits higher than the ARB B5 platform (good if running lows).......

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How to raise engine so it sits higher than the ARB B5 platform (good if running lows).......

Post by BIG F@ TW@ » Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:10 am

After some advide and tips on here as to how to raise the engine to allow more clearance between the oil sump and the bad bad tarmac, I decided to give it a go as I was taking out my sump for repair anyway.

I used a series of washers inbetween the lower engine mounts on both sides, others have used some cut down tubing. I found the washers better as it allows some fine tuning if required, but 15mm is about as far as you can go. (which is more than enough to get the sump higher that the ARB :D )

You will need to raise the engine either by hoist or by support bar, you can also jack from underneath is supported well enough. Use a set of axle stands too.

I used a hoist as I was taking out the sump at the same time.

Once raised and on axle stands, you need to locate the torque mount which is situated at the front of the engine in front of the sump. Remove the 3 bolts holding it on, 2 on the left and 1 on the right.

You can see the left side engine mount in this pic, in the top right area. It has a 13mm nut, the other is located on the other side of engine and is accessed from underneath. (ignore what I'm doing in the pic it's not relevent to raising the engine)

Once you have undone the 2 13mm nuts you can now raise the engine, it should go up about 2 inches or so, keep an eye on your pipes etc in the engine bay to ensure your not squashing anything too much. But you only need enough of a raise to be able to slide the washers on.

This is the stack of washers I used, giving me approx 12mm of lift. You need to cut off the edge of 2 of the washers as there's a small locating nub on the bottom of the engine mount, this will make sense when you see the base of the engine mount.

a technique I used to help keep them in place until the engine was lowered was using an elastic band. But simply stacking them on the thread will be fine. Now you need the help of someone else at this next part as you need to slowly lower the engine down and ensure the mounts go through the washers and into the mounting holes. Be careful of finger trap :shock: In tis pic I have a lot more space as I dropped the subframe to take out the sump, you will have a lot less room.

This is how the left side should look.

and this is how the right side should look.

Now with the engine fully lowered down you can rebolt the engine mounts, and then re-attach the front torque mount. The front mount is vertically adjustable so you shouldn't have a prob fitting it back.

Now see how the sump is higher than the ARB:
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