Remove a turbo from a PD diesel

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Remove a turbo from a PD diesel

Post by desertstorm » Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:27 am

Took my turbo off the other weekend and cleaned up the VNT mechanism as the car has gone into limp mode about 3 times in the last month and suspected it might be the VNT mechanism sticking.Its a 130 AWX, pretty much the same as any other 1.9 TDI PD engine.

Start by removing the air box to get some room.
Remove the cover off the airbox 2 screws, remove the air inlet trunking 3 screws and lift it out the way. You will have to disconnect the MAF plug from the MAF. Undo the screw securing the anti shudder operating valve to the top of the airbox. Unplug the vent hose from the air box.
Undo the clip off the MAF that secures the large intake hose to the turbo. There is a 10mm bolt at the back of the air box undo that. you should be able to get the air box out of the way now.


Next start undoing other bits. I took the manifold off as well for the hell of it, you don't need to the turbo will come off on it's own.
Undo the 2 bolts securing the intake hose to the turbo bit fiddly on the back one. Undo the crankcase ventilation hose off the rocker cover by taking the clip off and remove the hose out the way.
Undo the top oil line, This nut is light and you have to watch the pipe doesn't start to twist with the nut. The pipe secures to the back of the engine on a bracket. I undid the bracket so I could move the pipe out of the way a bit.It is recommended to replace this pipe if the bearings have gone in the turbo as it can clog with sludge and block oil flow to the bearings. So if you replace the turbo and the pipe has a blockage your new turbo won't last long.
Undo the clip on the outlet pipe of the turbo and put a big rag in it so nothing falls in. move pipe out of the way.
Move the N75 valve and the vacuum reservoir (large black plastic ball) from in front of the turbo as you need to get in under the turbo to undo the allen bolt that holds on the bottom oil feed pipe (fiddly). The other bolt for the bottom oil feed pipe closest to you is easy to get at.
Undo the 3 bolts that secure the cat to the turbo. There are only 2 things holding the turbo in now.
There is a metal support rod that takes the weight of the turbo and the bolt that secures to the turbo end needs undoing. The rod is under the turbo and hard to see.Then the three nuts that hold the turbo to the manifold.



You should now be able to remove the turbo from the car.


I would say the main thing you need in the way of tools to do this is a good 12mm offset ring spanner. As trying to get some of the nuts off especially on the manifold to turbo would be difficult without one.A selection of Allen Keys, 10,12,13mm sockets and a normal selection of spanners.
I took the manifold off as well and had a look, it didn't need anything doing it wasn't particularly coked so put a new gasket on and put it back on the car. Didn't replace any other gaskets I used the originals.
The VNT mechanism wasn't to bad when I took it apart but It did seem a little sticky, after I cleaned it that stickiness had gone.

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