Worn 6 speed gearbox linkage repair

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Worn 6 speed gearbox linkage repair

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After my gearstick went very sloppy it was clear something was very worn, on inspection i found it was the plastic bush that pushes on to the ball near the box.

You will need a gearlinkage repair kit from VW, part # 8D0 798151 at a cost of £12.40 this in part no 53 in top pic.



You will need to get the car as far up in the air as poss to give good access to the parts, once up you need to remove the expansion tank from its mounting and move out the way (no need to take off pipes) to give you access from the top of the car for the small clip that i will come to later.

Under the car you need to be looking above the N/S gearbox mount and you will see the large ball joint with a red dust cover, at the top side of this you will see a small bar that goes over the box with a small plastic ball joint. When i done mine the large ball joint would just pull out and push on the ball with no effort at all so was well worn, If this is not the case your problems may lie elsewhere.

If it is worn you need to remove the link rod from the gearstick to the gearbox.

From inside the car lift up the gearstick gaiter and just under the gear knob you will see a small clip that keeps it on the shaft, you need to remove this or open it up enough to take off the knob and gater.
After you have done this you will see a black cover with 2 10mm nuts that need removing. Once this is done and removed you will see the link rods, you need to remove nut #27 it would be a good idea to mark everything upon removal of this nut and washer #26. I did not do this but only took me 10 mins to set up with the help of this guide

Thanks water01 :-bd

From the top of the car look at the top of the small ball joint and there may be a small clip on top of it, remove this and keep safe. I did not know this was there and took me ages to remove this ball joint and much scratching of the head. X(

From under the car push off the small rod from the large rod and pull down on the large rod to split the large ball joint. It should now all be loose and ready to remove gearbox link from car, its and bit tight but it will come out from the front of the car.

When out you will see the plastic cup that needs to be replaced but its held in with a large washer and the sides of the metal cup are bent over in places to keep the washer in, unbend these and take out old part and replace with new then bend over sides to keep the washer in. You may want to repalce the red balljoint cover at this point. Mine was ok so i just used the old one.

Put rod back in the car but you will find you cant get the socket back on the ball. I got round this by useing a 10in extension bar with a 24mm socket on the end of it and a trolley jack.

Hold the socket with bar on the large balljoint cup and get a mate to jack up the bar to press on the ball joint cup. Just try to keep it all square on and things will be fine. (just watch your fingers)

Press on small plastic ball joint and replace clip. Back in the car you need to reconnect the gearstick.

Ive got to say this is a nightmare of a job as you have no room to play with but i found that if i put some tape in the allen bolt head and pushed the allen socket it kept in on nice and tight. To get the washer on the gearlink i slid it over a screwdriver, put screwdriver in the hole then slid down the washer so it sat on top of the link then with my allen bolt stuck to the socket screwed it all back together.

Make sure you can select all gears, if not refer to guide.

Any Q's just ask, i'm happy to help.
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