Rns 315 dab aerial help

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Rns 315 dab aerial help

Post by Frizz » Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:23 pm

Hi I’ve got a b7 140 sport bluemotion. It’s got the rns 315 headunit. The dab signal it’s not very good.
Where is the aerial hidden? Is it the rear screen heater?
Is there a better aerial I can add or a booster to improve the signal?
Any help and advice welcome.
I’ve got a genuine vcds cable if I can adjust anything.
Vcds in Swadlincote/burton area of it's any help.

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Re: Rns 315 dab aerial help

Post by 32110 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 1:16 pm

I also have the RNS 315 and have experienced problems with the aerials. First thing I would suggest you do is, with radio selected, press and hold the setup button for 10 seconds or so until the display changes. You can then scroll through and select AM; FM and DAB which will provide details of signal strength and whether the aerials are ON or OFF. I found that both FM aerials were shown to be OFF and this was backed-up by a VCDS scan. I corrected these problems by removing and replacing or just working (twisting to and fro) the aerial plugs. There is one DAB, 2 FM (one of which is used by AM) and one GPS aerials. You can get at those on the radio by removing the surrounding trim the release the unit using Torx driver. The aerials (don't know about the GPS one are on the rear screen on the saloon. These are accessible by removing the lining at the top of the rear screen. Hope this helps.

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