Oil pan leaking around sensor...

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Oil pan leaking around sensor...

Post by malcosis » Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:47 am

Hi there, (just realized, I'm in wrong part of forum,sorry.,, Could it get moved to the right part please, I think the B3 part.)
I'm driving a 2002 1.9 TDI saloon, AVF engine Passat.
She's been going great, after the turbo vane problem, which you guys helped sort out using Mr muscle, no problems.
I noticed I had a bit of an oil patch the other day on the drive way.
Had a lil look, and , there seems to be a bit of an oil drip from the sump plug, so, promptly went and did an oil , fuel filter, air filter, and sump plug change.
Hoping that was the end of it, turns out , there's a sensor, right under neath, like a square one, with 3 Allen bolts in, that's what's leaking.
I did run over, and promptly get an almighty bang, when I didn't see a speedbump last week, and I'm thinking, that's what has rattled it loose.
Any ideas on the fixability, if possible, and could I do it my self, and also, will I lose my oil I just put in??
Thanks in advance, .malc.

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