GPS trip logging

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GPS trip logging

Post by Mindriot » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:26 am

I thought I might share this info as Ive found its taken a bit more effort than sense would have indicated.

Im in and out of a work vehicle all day and do a lot of miles and trips, Ive been looking for a simple way to have an app on the phone log basic trip data and so on automatically, basically a fire and forget app.

The first one that came close was triplog, but its an ugly app and more suited for America, and has features in it that you dont really need and its a bit clunky for want of a better word. You can use it for a trial period though. ... .vel&hl=en

It works but its not great to use.

At the weekend I went through some other options and found an app from MyCarTracks called Automatic Mileage Log GPS Tracker for Businesses. It seems to work excellently and automatically without having to interact with it, so it just does its thing when it detects youre driving. And it has a free account option.

Theres also a website frontend you can log into. ... acks&hl=en

Well worth a look if you need to keep a driving log which is all too easy to forget about for logging driving activity!

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