Vw Touch up paint

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Vw Touch up paint

Post by smilie121 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:11 pm

I picked up a few stone chips and one on the door.

My car is indium grey - LR7H or LRH i believe.

I would like to do them myself as i did with last passat. Where after putting some paint on i flattened them with wet n dry then polished them up in stages with harsh and fine polishing pastes with my buffer. Like you can see on youtube. I did a great job as i took my time so naturally want to do it again

Question is about paint available online such as amazon ebay etc. Some genuine and some not. Non OEM say its the same and you get more. Last time i bought non OEM and finish was fab. However car was black and thinking that would be easier to mimic than other colours.

Anyone got experience rather than guessing ???

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