Finally got a remap today - 227Bhp & 495nm torque

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Finally got a remap today - 227Bhp & 495nm torque

Post by smilie121 » Wed May 08, 2019 10:21 pm

So a week ago I booked the car for a remap and service with Martins Auto Clinic in Glasgow. First run showed the car to be sat at 178bhp and 383nm of torque. VW BHP quote is 190 but I saw its actual figure was 180 something once. Still, its lost a few ponies.

After the remap and some tweaks its sat at 227bhp and 495nm of torque.

I can say 227 ponies was a lot more fun getting home from Glasgow to Loch Lomond. Revs climbed much quicker as did the odometer. MPG readout was better but only time will tell.



The remap, DSG and engine oil renewed with all filters cost £500. I was booked in to have the DPF gutted and EGR blanked off for £180 more. However, upon inspection, the position of the EGR and DPF is between the block and bulkhead heatshield and would require the engine lifted to access for any work. This was going to be an extra £300 so I have left it. When the car was up on a ramp I could see exactly the little space available. If i ever change my mind he is willing to do the map tweak in the £300.

The EGR has been mapped out but due to its nature, there is a small amount of pressure coming through and a plate would stop this. The guy had forewarned me that this may be the case as one other tuning company further afield. There should still be an MPG gain with this mapped the way it is.

I will update after a few days.

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