Boot Opening.

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Boot Opening.

Post by youngsandy » Wed May 03, 2017 5:53 pm

Hi All, I own a B8 2.0tdi. Bluemotion SE Business ed. Had vibration issues in the beginning thankfully those were fixed under warranty.But what is really driving me nuts is the boot keeps opening itself, I sussed out early on that putting the key in my trouser pocket was the cause so I now put it in my jacket pocket but jacket weather is now coming to an end. So my question is does anyone know how I can disable the boot opening function on the key fob. This question is a priority for me as I plan to carry my shotgun in the boot.(clay pigeon shooter before you jump on my back)

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Re: Boot Opening.

Post by MikeBz » Thu May 04, 2017 10:44 pm

There must be a fault, either in the fob or in the car. Have you tried using the spare key for a while to see if it still happens? That will at least eliminate or incriminate the fob.

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Re: Boot Opening.

Post by JCB » Thu May 04, 2017 11:16 pm

Mine does it too. Irritating but I've rearranged the keys on my key ring and it seems to happen less now :roll:

Seems like a fairly basic error for a company that have been making keys for such a long time :roll: The lock and unlock buttons are recessed further and never get accidentally pushed - why the boot button isn't recessed to the same depth eludes me :-? I've gotten used to jumping out and closing the boot now, it's second nature. Only happens a couple of times a month since the key ring reshuffle :roll:

As for disabling the boot open function on the fob, I would probably start by opening it up and seeing if there was something I could wedge under the button to prevent it being depressed. This also has the benefit of being completely reversible when you part with the car :wink: If this isn't possible I'd try and disable the switch itself - it'll be PCB mounted, you may be able to de-solder and remove it quite easily if it's a surface mount component. Even if you screw it up completely the most you've lost is a key fob so it's worth a try... I would give it a go myself but I use the button occasionally :p

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Re: Boot Opening.

Post by youngsandy » Sat May 06, 2017 8:00 pm

It is the key fob which is opening the boot as stated above. So I phoned my local VW dealer in Perth. I explained the issue I had with the fob opening the boot they said they could delete the fob from the program but they would need the car for half an hour to deal with the issue all for the sum of £54.
I being a tight Jock refuse to pay for what I consider a design fault with the fob.
I will take the wife's car when I go shooting. I can't run the risk of carrying a shotgun in the boot of a B8 piece of poo Passat.

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Re: Boot Opening.

Post by jonnyf » Thu May 18, 2017 3:02 am

Hi B8 ers

I have B8 2.0 Business 2015. I have found the whole key fob very sensitive compared to all other VW I have owned.. Have managed to lock myself out of car once so far! So proceed with care!

On another issue .....anyone experienced the jolt when pulling away from autohold ... dealer says this is normal....seems to vary greatly.

Another snippet.... had a minor front end knock. Went to VW approved repaired. Noticed after repair Auto Cruise Control not working / error message. It transpires the radar camera should have been realigned which only VW can do on their special jig for a very reasonable £450 / well sir its 3 hrs labour ....

So any hint of frontal damage / removal of VW Emblem make sure realignment is included (mine was working when it went in for repair).

Sorry to waffle on but just relived to see fellow B 8 owners appearing. Can anyone give any advice on what is worth buying to access diagnostics on the car .... seems it would be worthwhile for the future

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Re: Boot Opening.

Post by bakili » Thu May 18, 2017 7:12 pm

Talking about radar sensors, brace yourself for warning message " sensor limited view" Dealer want £300 plus to realign sensor where it's only loose brackets bolts. Mk7 Golf experience.

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