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Any car. Easy cure for window scraping noise.

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 7:54 pm
by maclee
Do you find that when you lower of raise your windows there is a horrible scraping noise?

I do not mean the noise that goes with failed lifting cables, this is a noise that sounds as if there is a bit of grit trapped in the window slide somewhere, that kind of scraping noise that is made when using a glass cutter to mark a piece of glass or a ceramic tile to cut it to size.

I had assumed it was a tiny piece of grit in one of the lifter channels, even though there was nothing to be seen, but it was not.

For once the fix was easier than expected. If you have this noise try the following:

1. With the door open, fully open the window.

2. Close the window just a little, so that there is 50-80mm or so of glass visible.

3. Pull the glass gently toward the inside of the car to create a gap between the glass and the outer seal at the bottom of the window aperture.

4. Take a thin sheet of card, (I used the back of a cornflakes box, printed side toward the glass). Insert the card between the glass and the outer seal.

5. Release the glass.

6. Slide the card side to side, pushing it a fair amount down and into the door in the process. If necessary, close the window a little more.

7. Remove the card and operate the window. With a bit of luck you will find the noise has stopped and the window operates almost silently again.

No need to apply any lubricants, (unless you so wish of course).