VAG CR 140 4x4

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VAG CR 140 4x4

Post by Loki » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:57 pm

Hi All

I shall (hopefully!), at weeks-end, be giving the once over on a non-VW branded vehicle but within the 'stable'.

It is a (diesel) CR engine, 140bhp 4x4, with approx. 58K under its belt, 2009. FSH, but last 2 done by VW man privately. Cambelt & pump done at 42k. Informed the Haldex oil change ticked in service book.

What else should I check/establish or even be wary of?

This will be the 2nd vehicle, so mostly around town, with me using it on longer runs (mixed road types) a couple of days a week to keep it from choking up.


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