Minimental Presents, A glutton for Punishment.. My other B5. [emoji23]

We dont just cater for passats here , add any help re. any other car and show off your rides!........

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Minimental Presents, A glutton for Punishment.. My other B5. [emoji23]

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Figured I would do a thread here as there’s usually some nice activity on this forum. Shame it’s not in the B5 section but we can’t win them all. I’ve copied this from my thread on SRS so apologies if some bits don’t make sense etc. I haven’t copied most replies.

Car: 1999 Pre-Facelift S4 Avant in Ming Blue LZ5L, 124k on the clock, good service history etc. Completely standard except 18” RS4 Alloys (Also have the Original S4 ones)

Known Faults:
1) Bodywork is tatty in places and needs tidying up/redoing particularly front and rear bumpers and tailgate. Shell/bonnet/doors is pretty much immaculate. Alloys also need a refurb due to curbing.

2) Rear suspension arms and both sub frames need a bit of love. Getting quite flaky in places Winter project!

3) Front callipers (Lucas HP2 V1 4 pad system) are both rattling like mad, this is doing my head in and new ones were nigh on impossible to find, got some from states, didn’t fit as mine are V1 all iron not V2.. WIP

4) Boot Load cover spring has gone so it’s all floppy and loose. Going to have a looksee for another

5) HID Headlights need a bit of love as the chrome is failing on the bezels and reflectors, and the lenses are a bit hazy..

6) Suspect original Diverter valves are leaking or I have a boost leak, boost seems to disappear far to quickly when changing gear. I know that’s the idea but if you just lift off slightly it seemingly drops the boost until you hoon it again. They are the original plastic ones...All hoses have original clips except DV’s, Bi pipes and Y pipe which have stainless jubilees. Will be looking at a Samcoish hose kit soon...

7) DID LCD in cluster is dead, I know these can be repaired so will remove cluster at some point and send it off.

8) Driver’s seat is rocking. Found guides cheap enough on eBay so will get that sorted.

9) Driver’s seat also has a split on the bolster where it’s worn through, needs repairing or replacing. Any suggestions?

10) Usual cam seal/rocker cover seal oil leak and a suspected oil pan gasket seep as well. Will sort this throughout the winter. It’s dripping on near side turbo a little, not major though. I wanted to drop oil pan and have a look around anyways, check any strainers are super clean etc etc..

11) Rear end sits lower than front a little so suspect it’s a bit tired. Front has all new arms on at present, rear has new bushes but not all of them so it’s likely tired.

12) I also want a Scuttle/Plenum cover and undertray sorting out.

Done so far:

A lot of history and receipts of stuff done over the last 8 years between Audi MD and two VAG Specialist with tons of receipts, Very good history and last owner of 8 years was an enthusiast.

Fixed detached rear washer pipe by glovebox

Fixed central locking in passenger door, deadlock bar had come off the cam in the rear of the key barrel.

Fixed headlight washer system, new pump installed and a new LHS washer unit, wasn’t too bad a job to do, had to unbolt lock carrier around the LHS so I could get pump out, right fit but managed it. All working now Image



I’ll keep updating this thread as I go. Any help or advice always appreciated, whilst no where near a novice, I’m new to owning petrol cars so will take some re-learning in places.

I’m going to colour code the car with Orange (FF6600), Calipers, all hoses, fog light surrounds, interior alu trim( wrapped so I dot ruin it) etc etc. I think orange will go nice with the navy blue colour of the car. Will start by getting callipers powder coated and rebuilding them with new seals etc when I get some B6 S4 ones..

All body colour coding as mentioned above (fog surrounds etc) I’m going to have wrapped so if I don’t like it, I can peel it off again..?

Watch this space....Aidan

[IMG]// ... ba2906.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 99df0d.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 037b73.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... b45098.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 55599d.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 776be4.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... beae87.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 6be79e.png[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 4ed4f.heic[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 765401.jpg[/IMG]

I’m intent on getting the car I pristine condition without rushing, and with only a few less invasive mods to start with, Brakes, Exhaust, Hoses, Maybe St1 map etc... When I have it where I want it I’ll start chasing performance. Hybrid my K03’s, Intercoolers, exhaust/DP’s/HF-Cats etc, I want to keep it looking OEM really except a few personalised touches (orange stuff etc), and not stupid amount of lowering with gigantic 30” wheels or boisterous in your face mods, I like the sleeper look and love the look of the car OEM. I may go for a 20-30mm drop in height when I sort springs and shocks out but want it driveable around town. Would like to eventually see 500PS+ but in no rush, it’s a hobby I enjoy.


I’ve just been out tinkering again with the S4 looking for any obvious boost leaks. I’ve broken the accordion hose from the f pipe to the collector at the back, I also think there could me a minute split in the TBB but not sure... will post a photo once it’s finished soaking in cleaner and we’ll see.

F hose actually looks like it was okay until I got my hands on it... haha.

[IMG]// ... ab2ed8.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 7cf0b1.jpg[/IMG]

I’ll order a silicone f hose/TBB anyways unless anybody has one on here? and likely use some 1/2” Multipurpose Hose to join it to the collector. I’ll add a whole silicone assembly and a catch can onto my list of parts to stockpile for when I pull the engine out.
Knowing my luck, one of this will rectify the boost leak anyways but time will tell haha.


I have now sorted out my breather system and deleted the F hose

2m of 5/8 Heater pipe
10x13mm Reducer
10mm Silicone Blanking cap
1x10mm rubber elbow
1x13mm rubber elbow

Broken Fragile Original

Replicated, was an easy job tbh
[IMG]// ... fd62f9.jpg[/IMG]

Installed on car


F hose replacement..





I did check the green check valves and they both appear to be working fine, so have left hem for now.

I am unfortunately unable to test it at the moment though.

When I took it out, I also removed the egt boxes from the rear of the manifold to get the cable out of the way... in disturbing them, I now have a EGT fault, I already had one on bank 2 but now have bank one. Along with a very pronounced misfire from cold and very rich bog down/misfire when under load. No other fault codes, so I’m assuming this is what’s causing my issue? I know the solder connections fail and I probably didn’t help by yanking and twisting where the cable goes into the box....

I’ll resolder then both tomorrow and see if it corrects the issue.

Can somebody please enlighten me on how on earth to get the covers off the black boxes without wrecking them? I can’t shift em...

Weekend After:

Well, had a go... Epic Fail.. made no difference. Looks like I’m gonna have to find some money and order the two updated boards from SID Motorsport in Poland... woopdee doo. Lol. I guess for now she’ll sit idle until it’s sorted.

At least it’s a nice day for tinkering. Beautiful outside :). Might even cut the grass....



bobfish45 wrote:If it's just bare edges Aidan and they don't show, brush them with primer then colour and a bit of laquer, important because the ming blue basecoat will not keep out the water. Enjoying the thread, Rod.
MiniMental wrote:
bobfish45 wrote:If it's just bare edges Aidan and they don't show, brush them with primer then colour and a bit of laquer, important because the ming blue basecoat will not keep out the water.
“Mini” wrote:Hello Rod mate,

Rightio I’ll bare that in mind :) thank you sir. I’m looking at removing the rear suspension and taking a 4.5” wire brush to it all over the next couple weeks then painting it up. Its all a bit flaky... bushes don’t look to bad but we’ll see. It was well maintained. Every single bolt underneath is anti seized and comes out first time thus far. Not sure wether to drop diff out, then pull entire subframe and suspension or remove it all a bit at a time... hmmmm.

Well, another productive day, though not finished yet...

My new sensor electronics turned up from SID in Poland, so I set about sorting them out.

Turned up!

I know why the Mrs loves me so much...

Old and new...

Using nail varnish remover to dissolve the last of the silicone... it also helps massively to score the bottom to high heaven with something sharp to get double sided tape to stick...

Naturally had to do passenger one on the car as it’s a nightmare to remove.

Tip of the day- Use a coke can crushed to rest soldering iron on... it dissipated the heat well and stops you scorching you hoses and electrics.

Passenger side board put up a fight...

All done... Testing time.

So, put it all together without sealing boxes for now... in case there’s an issue. Cleared all fault codes with VCDS and fired her up.. Beautiful. No smoke, smooth idle.. awesome. It already had a code for Bank 2 when I bought it.. now it has none, Power is indeed back. Omg it screams haha yeayyyy. So addictive!!! And at a cost of £63 for both boards, saved over £400 on a pair of new sensors! So another issue cleared. I’ll get some rtv tomorrow and seal them back up, Then I can get on painting my brake calipers etc. Still unsure about the offset difference between iron/iron and iron/alu HP2’s... can anyone clarify? What was the offset of FL S4’s alloys?

Sometime ago:

Wash day :) Just a quick one today. Been busy. But for almost 2 decades old with slightly tatty Paintwork and a ruined rear bumper/curbed alloys, the old girl comes up all right. :) Only simple wash and wax, nothing fancy. Hadn’t quite finished buffing the boot. Haha.

[IMG]// ... bb9c9b.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 2ab6f9.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... 8b14ad.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]// ... b2225b.jpg[/IMG]

November 17’

I’ve just swapped out the broken rear load cover for one I got off a breaker on Facebook. Happy now the boot is covered. Hate things like that. £30 delivered was a very good price. Old one, the screw that holds the end cap on has snapped the plastic. Maybe I’ll look at fixing it if I can and I’ll have a spare. It’s a bit tattier than the replacement so we’ll see. Haha.

One Week Later:

Speaking of load covers, noticed my “new” one had a loose end cap the other day, caught it in time thankfully, amazing what you can do with a washer haha. All fixed and good for another 19 years hopefully. :)


I’ve also got a headlight bulb out so will be ordering some 6000k ones from hids online. No way I’m paying £100 a pair right now for decent ones. I’ll post up what they’re like if they’re any good. I’m all about oem or proven aftermarket for mechanical stuff but bulbs and that, why not save?


Well I’ve found my vac leak.. Passenger side DV valve (710A) is not opening and leaking vacuum. Would I be right in thinking it could also be leaking boost into the vacuum system? Would explain the hissing i get under WOT... When I suck on the DV vac line it draws in air which just come from somewhere? The failed one also has a film of oil on it, the non failed one (710B) is dry.. is this normal? I’ve read that it is and I’m getting no noise from turbos at all. I do drink a little oil but that’s because it’s pouring it from my heads onto my exhaust manifolds... Image Lol.

A Week Later:

Well, found another boost leak yesterday... throttle body boot had split right along the underside where it meets the throttle body. Big leak actually!

So, my car will today make the break from a Standard B5 S4 to Modified... I ordered a Mishimoto one yesterday and will be fitting it shortly as it just turned up...


To be fair, I superglued the original back together and drove nearly 100 miles yesterday and it held up alright apart from a minor hiss. Not bad going really haha. Amazing what you can do.

April 2018....

Well then, it’s been a journey this past month or so.

I had a major incident sitting in traffic in Swindon, I thought it was on fire at first. So relieved when I saw coolant spewing out of the valley..

[IMG]// ... b8ea1f.jpg[/IMG]

Long story short, Aux Coolant Pump had broken in half...


So, off it all came which just progressed into removal of everything. I was gonna paint the coolant manifold but when I cleaned it up, it was actually in really good condition so I haven’t bothered... All new ‘O’Rings fitted, got sick of looking at flaky aluminium so I’ve brush painted the intake manifold as well, all new injector seals etc etc...

So, it’s had:
New Aux Pump
2 710Ns fitted in place of the afore mentioned DVs
All new coolant seals in valley
All new injector seals
New gaskets for TBody and IMan
New 90deg pump switch (blue one)
New O Ring on lower rad fan switch
New DV Vac lines
New Turbo Oil Feed top banjo seal rings

[IMG]// ... ab3ebf.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... a3fb89.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... b0338e.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... 2a477e.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... c32d7d.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... 7d0b52.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... 96d69d.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... be3329.jpg[/IMG]

Re-assembled it all on the kitchen side while it rained this morning, the rebuilt the engine bay through the afternoon... Been a good day really, need to coolant it up and run for a bit then drain and refill to flush it through. Could do with a good flushing agent tbh to fill it with but I have 20L of concentrate so it’ll do.

As it happens, I got lucky, I found a cable tie head and a tin label inside the intake ports on LHS head before I put the manifold back on, soooo glad I looked, I removed these with surgeon like precision and then bodged the hoover and hoovered them all out just to make sure....

[IMG]// ... 06a4fa.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]// ... ea7a82.jpg[/IMG]

Never managed to run it today however....

I’ve also removed the passenger boost pipe between turbo and intercooler to chase a boost leak I’ve been having, found no issue at all with the hose and got a bit stumped.... I then looked again today before putting it back together and found that I could just see the issue...

Passenger side Banjo is completely missing from the snail/boost reference line!!! So I’ll have to get one from TPS on Monday which means I’ll have to leave it yet another day before I can run it and put coolant in Image. At least I’ve finally found my infamous leak! I was adamant it was passenger side somewhere.

I wonder if the car will feel different with it re-connected. Gonna have to ask the mrs to try and get the new one in as my stupid forearms won’t fit, even with the ARB dropped Image..

2 Days Later...

Well, today was the day of reckoning. I got the two banjos (one spare) I ordered from TPS this morning and it took over an hour to fit it. I made all kinds of stupid tools in order to reach. What an absolute illegitimate child of a job. In the end, the mrs did a lot of it as she’s tiny and fits in haha.

Tool made from a 12” cocktail stick to get washer on back of banjo...

All fitted. Never again Image

Couldn’t believe it when I found this missing. Only checked around the area as a fleeting glance for anything obvious. Bang. Banjo missing = 8mm hope in the turbo compressor housing, and likely both wastegates not working due to it being open....

So, did that, filled with water and bled it all, then Wynns Coolant Flush went in for 15mins. Then drained again and flushed with clean water...

Then deionised water and G13 mixed 50/50 for now. The amount of poo that come out was mental. Gonna treat it to a new tank this month Image

Started nicely, idles smooth as butter. And wow the power it puts down... so so so so happy to say NO BOOST LEAKS!!!! ImageImageImageImage No coolant leaks, and only a cap cap oil leak left to fettle for now. Can finally start on subframes and suspension.

Hope you enjoyed the read so far. All comments welcome.


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2005 B5.5 S PD175 1.9TDi Wagon... I Love it...
Labour of love...

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