Help to get Chicago alloys back to original

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Help to get Chicago alloys back to original

Post by Wayne1612 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:24 pm

I need to call on all you technical people to answer a reasonably easy question or help point me in the right direction.
When I bought my B6 some buffoon had very kindly painted my Chicago alloys a nice silver colour colour but sadly the paint job isn't standing the test of time and is flaking off so I'd really like to get them back to their original state.
I already know that Chicago alloys are diamond cut so I know they need to go on a lathe to get the mirror finish on face of wheel but my question relates to the anthracite/graphite coloured paint which features in the wheel apertures. Does anybody know exactly what this colour is and where I can get hold of some?
I believe (or at least it looks like the same shade as what's featured on S line wheels for Audi)

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